Leaf Yellow

Wand Whittling 

After I had left for my camping trip, the last thing that Erika texted me was to whittle her a wand. I know we say weird things to each other all the time so she probably didn’t think I actually would. I felt bad that she couldn’t come with us because she had to work, so I actually wanted to do it. Since I had already left, I didn’t have appropriate whittling tools, nor did I know anything about whittling anything. 

During our hike, Austin helped me search for the perfect wand sticks. After carrying them for a while, they were scratching up my hand, so I stuck them in my backpack through the front straps, cute…I look like an intrepid explorer. 

To be completely honest, I don’t think I did a good job, at first it was therapeutic, then frustrating, then I gave up. Sorry the wand didn’t turn out so well, Harry Potter would be so disappointed. I think Snape would’ve been okay with it, because he’s nice. 

This is what friends are for. 

Illustrations by Karen A. Designed by Elliott