Leaf Yellow

Memory Bank 120402A - NASA: STS-135

Almost 2 years ago, I randomly won a spot in the NASA Tweetup for STS-135, the last shuttle launch of the Space Shuttle Program. I got a chance to go to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida and got to speak with and listen to shuttle technicians, engineers, and astronauts, and experience the final launch of space shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station. During my visit, I was so busy experiencing NASA that I hardly took any photos or videos. What I ended up with were some shaky iPod and point and shoot videos, some vertical DSLR footage that I shot of the actual launch, and a small handful of photographs. All of that just sat on a hard drive until I randomly rediscovered it and pieced it together along with archival footage and audio from NASA of the first shuttle launch (STS-1). So that’s what this is. This is merely a memory bank for me to remember my visit to the Kennedy Space Center. Nothing fancy. Just something to remind me of how incredible my experience was and how over the years, NASA consistently amazes and surprises me. It’s a big, wonderful, technologically sexy world that we live in.

Thanks Craig Minowa for letting me use the Cloud Cult song.

Illustrations by Karen A. Designed by Elliott