Leaf Green

"Robot Feelings"

My small personal project regarding human connections comes to a close today.  Sporadically, over the last  six months, I created three simple videos using small toy robots expressing three very basic emotions: Longing, Loneliness, and Love.  Each video was created for a different reason: a response to another user’s video, an understanding various perspectives of loneliness, and as a message regarding a gift.  However, as I present the final installment, I should explain this small series a little bit more. 

The robots were used as a catalyst for personal emotional exploration in three parts.

Longing: Explores the desire for romantic relationships as a means  to remedy loneliness.  In part, this “Longing” is conceived when self - validation is thought to be needed through pursuits of a romantic nature. 

Loneliness:  Dwells on the stagnate state of failing to achieve the first part of “Longing.”  In this state, one tries to reconcile the state of being alone, whether it be physical or emotional. 

Love:  The third and final installment is the proposed resolution to overcoming the previous state of “Loneliness.”  Weight is placed on love that surpasses that which is romantic and examines other forms of love.

This project has reached its completion, and the robots are now on their own.  It may be the end for them and this project, but it’s only the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Illustrations by Karen A. Designed by Elliott