Leaf Green

Big Big Big News…

I’m so overwhelmed I’m kinda shaking typing this.

So…somewhat on a whim today, my dear beautiful Vimeo friend Christopher Galasso, and I were talking and one thing led to another and…

I’m GOING TO NYC!!!!!! For the Vimeo Meet Up!

Oh my god.

Anyways. I bought my plane ticket to Philadelphia (June 26th) to meet up with Christopher and then we are driving to NYC. Then the next day I’m one of his dates (he’s a real pimp) to his cousin’s wedding. I will be hanging out with Christopher until June 30th. I’m super pumped about NYC but more pumped about spending time with my dear friend Christopher.

I’m taking a huge leap of faith and meeting up and spending time with someone I met on Vimeo, but who I’ve grown to love and trust completely.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Christopher of course who is graciously paying for a portion of my ticket and taking me under his wing and everyone that bought my panels (yeah I’m dipping into my school tuition money).

And everyone else…

NYC and the east coast, here I come!!!!

Illustrations by Karen A. Designed by Elliott